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Call Us For A FREE Estimate. There are many reasons why ATS has built a large and loyal following of customers who call us and reccommend us to their friends, family and neighbors - year after year. ATS was founded because Dave Rohde and Ryan Strache felt residents of Metro Atlanta deserved a higher-quality, more experienced, yet more affordable tree care company. At ATS, our philosophy is that there should be a more holistic and comprehensive approach to tree care. As we see it, pruning and removal should be done for a good reason, as determined by a qualified diagnosis. We also believe in great customer service and a commitment to unconditional customer satisfaction.

What to know BEFORE Calling for a Consultation

Appalachian Tree ServiceWhen Should I Call Appalachian Tree Service?

Appalachian Tree ServiceWhat to know BEFORE Calling for a Consultation

Appalachian Tree Service7 Questions You Need To Ask Any Tree Service

Appalachian Tree Service"Going Green" - More Than Just a Cliché

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