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Happy New Year! Appalachian Tree Service is offering $250 off any tree project of $1,000 or more. This is one of the best times to schedule a tree project since the work schedule tends to be slower. This means you can get your tree project on the schedule sooner rather than later. This is also the best time to prune since trees are dormant for the winter. Be sure to share this discount with your friends and family.

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There are many reasons why we’ve built a large and loyal following of customers who call us and recommend us to their friends, family and neighbors year after year. Ryan Strache founded Appalachian Tree Service because he felt residents of Metro Atlanta deserved a higher-quality, more experienced, yet more affordable tree care company. We believe in a holistic and comprehensive approach to tree care. As we see it, pruning and tree removal should be done for a good reason, as determined by a qualified diagnosis. We are also committed to great customer service and unconditional customer satisfaction.

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