The housing market in Greater Atlanta is on the uptick as interest rates have lowered. Whether you’re looking to buy a new house, sell your home or simply stay put, upping your property’s curb appeal adds long-term value.

Here are our tips for upping your property’s curb appeal:

  1. Remove dead branches and weeds from yard.
  2. Inspect trees for disease.
  3. Opt for smaller trees and bushes near front of house and larger trees farther back.
  4. Plant new trees away from hazards such as street lights and ensure room for root growth.
  5. Mulch around trees and shrubs to hold in moisture and give a manicured look.
  6. Prune trees and shrubs.

With proper tree care and landscape maintenance, you can not only increase your home’s curb appeal, but also increase the value of your property and help you to sell it faster.

As always, if you need any expertise when it comes to your trees, contact Appalachian Tree Service of Atlanta at 404-409-9926.