On March 20, it’s officially spring! Look around you and you’ll notice more green sprouts and budding flowers and trees. Though spring is a time for regrowth, there are a few things you need to watch out for when it comes to your trees. Check out Appalachian Tree Service of Atlanta’s tips for spring tree care in Georgia:

Inspect Trees for Dead Branches

Now is the time to check to make sure your trees and their limbs have leafed out. Look out for dead branches, which are not only hazardous to your tree but also anyone or anything that may be beneath your trees.

Check Soil Beneath Your Trees

Georgia has seen a tremendous amount of rain this year and we know that springtime is also a big rain and storm season for our area. Be sure to check the soil beneath your trees to ensure it is stable and that you trees’ roots are secure.

Inspect Trees for Disease

Early spring is the time to check your trees for insects, fungi and diseases, which can cause stress for your trees. Be sure to even inspect tree roots to ensure your trees are strong and secure.

Consider Deadwooding

Spring is a great time to begin preparing your yard for summer. You start landscaping by thinning or removing deadwood. Just be sure avoid pruning any spring-flowering trees.

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