Tree Pruning

Pruning is the selective removal of plant parts to meet specific goals and objectives. Appalachian Tree Service strictly adheres to the ANSI 300 standards for pruning, including never using climbing spikes.

Set up an appointment with our certified arborist to discuss your pruning goals and objectives or if you need advice on what to do!

Objectives of Pruning:

Reduce risk of failure

Influence flower and fruit production

Provide clearance

Improve view

Reduce shade and wind resistance

Improve aesthetics

Maintain or improve health

Increase life span

Spikeless Pruning

To protect your trees from insect infestation and disease, we prune without the use of tree climbing spikes. This will help ensure the long term health of your trees. Call today for your free estimate!

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Call Us For A FREE Estimate. There are many reasons why ATS has built a large and loyal following of customers who call us and reccommend us to their friends, family and neighbors – year after year. ATS was founded because Dave Rohde and Ryan Strache felt residents of Metro Atlanta deserved a higher-quality, more experienced, yet more affordable tree care company. At ATS, our philosophy is that there should be a more holistic and comprehensive approach to tree care. As we see it, pruning and removal should be done for a good reason, as determined by a qualified diagnosis. We also believe in great customer service and a commitment to unconditional customer satisfaction.