Now that you’ve taken the time to check on the health of your trees, it’s time to set them up for optimal growth this spring. As you’re preparing your property for spring, be sure to clean the area around the base of your trees. Rake away dead leaves, pick up sticks and pull up weeds.


Adding mulch around a tree not only helps to keep weeds at bay, but the mulch also helps to hold water in, which is important going into hot summer months. When mulching your trees, lay down 3-4 inches of mulch spread out toward the base of the tree canopy. Be sure the mulch is level and does not touch the base of the tree.

Watering or Irrigation

Though the greater Atlanta area has had much rainfall the past few months, it’s important to make sure your trees get ongoing water as we head toward summer weather. Many commercial properties and some homeowners use irrigation systems to keep trees and plant-life nourished. If you are watering yourself, make sure you water younger trees closer to the trunk and older trees farther from the trunk since the root system is expanded.


Strategic pruning is crucial for new tree growth. Early spring is great for pruning because you can get a better feel for the shape of the tree without full leaf canopy getting in the way. For smaller trees, cut off old or diseased branches, as well as any limbs that are rubbing against each other. For larger trees, call a professional such as Appalachian Tree Service of Atlanta. We can help to stabilize your tree as well as shape future growth.

Deep Root Fertilization

Fertilizing your trees in the spring will give them a boost to help with new growth. The process of deep root fertilization helps strengthen tree health by applying nutrient-rich fertilizer directly to tree root systems to encourage growth and provide greater stability.

Prepping your trees for spring growth is important for their overall health as well as aesthetics. If you need any help getting your trees into spring shape, contact Appalachian Tree Service of Atlanta at 404-409-9926.