Everything You Need to Know aboutFor many families, hunting down the perfect Christmas tree is a holiday tradition that kicks off the excitement of the Christmas season. They set the tree in the perfect spot in their homes and listen to Christmas music while decorating it, reminiscing on old ornaments and family memories.

But there are a few things to know when choosing a live tree for the holidays. It’s important to know how to care for the tree, warning signs to look for and how to dispose of the tree at the end of the season. Consider our tips for caring for your live Christmas tree this holiday season:

How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

After making a fresh cut, be sure to find a spot in your home that not only shows off your tree, but is away from heat sources such as a fireplace or wood stove. Also, make sure your tree doesn’t block any HVAC vents.

Immediately, set up your tree stand and fill the base with water to ensure your tree lasts the whole season. When it comes to decorating your tree, use only UL-approved electrical decorations and extension cords, and check to make sure no cords have frayed since last year.

It’s important to monitor your tree’s water intake each day. A fresh cut tree could absorb a gallon of water the first 24 hours and often a quart a day after that. Maintaining a steady water level prevents the tree from drying out.

How to Look for Warning Signs

Though beautiful and fragrant, live Christmas trees do post a risk if they become dry. Be on the lookout for dry needles, drooping boughs and a loss of fragrance. These are all warning signs that your tree has become too dry. When you water your tree, ensuring that the water level doesn’t go below the tree base will help to mitigate dryness.

Because trees are highly flammable, especially when dry, it’s important that you only use UL-approved electrical lights on your tree. It’s also a good habit to unplug your tree when you leave your home or when you go to bed at night.

How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

It’s important not to burn your Christmas tree in your fireplace or a wood stove after the season ends. The sap in many trees can flash or create a chimney fire. It’s best to recycle your live Christmas tree.

Appalachian Tree Service of Atlanta will pick up your tree at your curb for a cost of $75. Simply call us at 404-409-9926 to schedule a pick up day.

Also, many city works programs will pick up trees curbside, some boy scout troops will pick up trees and many Home Depot stores allocate certain live tree drop off dates in January. If you live in Georgia, check out your options for recycling, broken down by city, zip code or county: www.pickyourownchristmastree.org/GeorgiaTreeRecyclingDisposal.php. Or, if you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, consider these ways to safely recycle your live tree on your own: www.pickyourownchristmastree.org/disposing.php#other.

From all of us at Appalachian Tree Service of Atlanta, we wish you and yours a merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season.