Winter can make for long cold dark days, but it also provides some benefits when it comes to your trees. Trees are dormant in the winter—meaning they aren’t actively growing—and the leaf canopy is bare, which makes it easier for tree service companies such as Appalachian Tree Service of Atlanta to better assess the state of your trees.


The goal of pruning is to create strong, healthy trees. And believe it or not, pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. At Appalachian Tree Service, we partner with our customers to create a holistic tree care approach that balances structural integrity and aesthetics.

If you’re wondering why we always encourage our customers to have tree pruning done in the winter, here’s our top 3 reasons:

1. Stimulates New Growth

Winter is the perfect time for tree pruning if you want to see a burst of new growth in the spring. Not only will your trees experience growth, but the grass and shrubs surrounding your trees will benefit from additional sunlight as well.

2. Prepares Trees for Winter Weather

Pruning trees in the dormant season also helps prepare your trees for winter weather. Historically, Georgia experiences the harshest winter weather in February. So having your trees pruned now to remove dead, diseased or damaged wood will help ensure they hold up during snow or ice storms.

3. Helps to Prevent Diseases

Winter pruning is also safer for your trees. Pruning during cold season allows tree wounds to close up faster with less risk of the invasion of fungal or insect-carrying diseases.

Remember, taking care of your trees now will help ensure they remain healthy for decades.

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