Review this Tree Checklist before Buying a New Home

Spring has sprung and house hunting season has begun. Atlanta area schools let out for summer at the end of this month, which means many families looking to move will be ready to close on [...]

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How to Prep Your Trees for Spring Growth

Now that you’ve taken the time to check on the health of your trees, it’s time to set them up for optimal growth this spring. As you’re preparing your property for spring, be sure to [...]

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Tips for Spring Tree Care in Georgia

On March 20, it’s officially spring! Look around you and you’ll notice more green sprouts and budding flowers and trees. Though spring is a time for regrowth, there are a few things you need to [...]

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Finance Your Tree Job with Monthly Payments

Lots of tree issues but a limited budget? Not a problem. If your property needs tree work but you’re apprehensive about the costs, Appalachian Tree Service of Atlanta Inc. now offers financing for tree projects [...]

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3 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Season to Prune Trees

Winter can make for long cold dark days, but it also provides some benefits when it comes to your trees. Trees are dormant in the winter—meaning they aren’t actively growing—and the leaf canopy is bare, [...]

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When Should I Call a Tree Service Professional? 

If you're on the fence about whether to call in tree service professionals, read through this list first. If any of these situations resonates with you, it's time to have a professional tree service company [...]

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